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Joe Lieberman made a lot of claims during his 2006 re-election campaign, many of which had no resemblence to his record. This site, and image linked in this box, serves as a resource for all bloggers/reporters suffering through Joe's penchant for revisionist history over the next six years.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Campaign Donors: Wright Amendment / Southwest Airlines

  • Lieberman co-sponsored legislation in the Senate to repeal Wright amendment flight restrictions at Love Field in Dallas that prevented Southwest Airlines from providing long-haul flights out of the airport. Lieberman signed onto the bill sponsored by Nevada Senator John Ensign on July 19, 2005. (S 1424)
    • Southwest was seeking to repeal the 25-year-old restrictions that prevented it from providing nationwide service from its home airport in Dallas. “There is a difficult fight ahead,” Lieberman said. (Dallas Morning News, 7/20/05)
    • Of the nine cosponsors of the bill, Lieberman was the only Democrat. (Congressional Record)
    • Southwest Airlines PAC contributed $5,000 to Lieberman for the 2006 election. (Center for Responsive Politics)


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