What Is The Joe Lieberman Encyclopedia All About?
Joe Lieberman made a lot of claims during his 2006 re-election campaign, many of which had no resemblence to his record. This site, and image linked in this box, serves as a resource for all bloggers/reporters suffering through Joe's penchant for revisionist history over the next six years.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Campaign Donors: Bankruptcy Bill

  • Lieberman voted for the Republican cloture motion on the controversial bankruptcy reform legislation passed in 2005. He was one of 14 Democrats to support the cloture motion, which passed with 69 votes. (S 256, Senate Vote 29, 3/8/05)
    • Prior to the cloture vote, Sen. Edward Kennedy called the bankruptcy bill “mean-spirited and unfair,” “an embarrassment to anyone who votes for it” and “a bonanza for the credit card companies.” “That is why we must defeat tomorrow’s cloture vote and continue to seek a bill that is not an embarrassment to the Senate and the fundamental principal of fairness and simple justice for all,” Kennedy said. “It’s wrong, deeply wrong, for the Senate to rubber-stamp the greed of the credit card industry.” (Statement from the Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, 3/8/05)
    • Commercial banks contributed $339,077 to Lieberman during his U.S. Senate career. (Center for Responsive Politics)


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